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Previous events

Capturing Chronic Illness Panel Discussion 10 June 2021

As part of the Nordic Network Gender Body Health 2021 series of digital seminars, we hosted the second event as part of Capturing Chronic Illness. In this panel, we continued our discussions around illness, queer intimacies and the legacy of colonial depictions of bodies with artistic, activist and academic partners.  The panel included:

Chisomo Kalinga is a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, who works on and around illness narratives, HIV and sexual health in Malawi. 

Claricia Parinussa is an artist who works in dance and performance and is associated with Tramway in Glasgow.

Chisomo Kalinga & Claricia Parinussa, along with Ingrid Young & Donna McCormack, explored how the visual and performance arts might open up possibilities of depicting and making apparent the lives of people living with chronic illness.

This digital discussion was held on Thursday, 10 June from 12:00-1:30 UK time.

A transcript of the event can be downloaded here.

Being Human Festival Discussion November 2020

On Friday, 20th November, medical humanities scholars Dr Donna McCormack (University of Surrey) and Dr Ingrid Young (University of Edinburgh) hosted an interactive discussion that explored the issues raised by the exhibition. This discussion was held online and explored a number of issues raised by the exhibition.

We were joined in discussion by Dr Chisomo Kalinga. Chisomo is a Wellcome-funded medical humanities postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh. Her current project examines literary traditions and health narratives in Malawi and its border countries. She is also collaborating with colleagues at the University of Malawi and Malawi University of Science and Technology to launch the first medical humanities network for Malawiana studies. Her research interests include disease (especially sexually transmitted infections), biomedicine, traditional healing, and witchcraft in African writing and narratives.

We were joined by Marc Thompson. Marc Thompson is founder and co-director of The Love Tank, PrEPster and BlackOutUK. Marc is an activist, mentor, film buff and lover all things Hip Hop. Marc has been involved in advocating for social justice for over 25 years with a focus on Black minority and ethnic communities, sexual health and HIV. He is particularly interested in the intersection of race, sexuality and HIV and the impact it has on individual and society.

The photos we discuss are:

26:45 Agy Worthington

31:23 John Ferguson

38:40 Belinda Otas

44:00 Paula Knight

51:10 Dresda Emma Mendez de la Brena

Click here to download a transcript of the event.