A person in a black sleeveless top and trousers, wearing a grey and red head wrap. They are looking forward at the camera, with dialysis tubing connected to her. They are standing behind a collection of empty plastic jugs.

Belinda Otas – UK

Hi, My name is Belinda Otas. My Chronic illness photos are a chronicle of my life on dialysis and my contribution to the organ donation conversation. It is documented here on Twitter for world kidney day. https://twitter.com/BelindaOtas/status/1106099675080339456

The story they tell is about the gruelling process and impact of dialysis on my body and life. Dialysis keeps me alive but it is also a thief of time and strength, and that can make life a challenging balance between surviving and thriving – You are grateful to be alive but you are hurting because you can’t always pursue all your goals/purpose as you are perpetually exhausted/lethargic.

Above all, it is a story of hope and resilience, and the fight to keep going because of a renewed perspective to make the moments and minutes of life count for something.  It is also about my belief in our shared humanity. This is why I have added my voice to the conversation about organ donation in the UK Black and African community because I believe that when we know better, we will do better by us and for us.

Instagram: @BelindaOtas
Twitter: @BelindaOtas

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