Bloody Chronix

Front cover of Zine. Title Bloody Chronix written in red, dripping letters. Below title, reads Issue 01 Transplant Imaginaries. Image of a face with red eyebrows, and harms and legs coming out of the eyes and nose.
Image by: Lynne Zakhour (@lynne.on.paper)

Bloody Chronix is a new zine by our project Capturing Chronic Illness. This zine seeks to explore how art, and more specifically, illustration can convey ideas and concerns about chronic health and non-normative bodies. The zine was produced collaborative with artists and designers Lynne Zakhour and Richard Kahwagi.

Our first issue focuses on Transplant Imaginaries. This zine explores key issues identified by Donna McCormack’s project of the same name. This project explored how fiction – novels and films – engage with organ transplantation and what forms of knowledge not only emerge from these texts but challenge so-called scientific practice. Drawing on text, extracts from writers and original artwork, we explore the themes of haunting, body politics & borders, care as violence and justice.

We invite you to have a look at our zine (please click the image below or follow this link). We would love to hear what you think. We also have a limited number of printed copies available, so get in touch with us (via our contact form) and we can post one out to you!