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Chronic Illness Panel Discussion 20 November 2021 14:00 – 15:30

capturing chronic illness third event photo
Image copyright: Dr Donna McCormack

This is a panel discussion and Q&A on chronic illness and disability in the performance and visual arts.

This discussion will explore how race and queer genders and sexualities impact and shape the experience of chronic illness and disability. The panel features performance artists Claricia Parinussa and Laura Fisher, and humanities academics Dr. Churnjeet Mahn, Dr. Donna McCormack and will be chaired by Dr. Ingrid Young. The discussion will focus on visual performance and arts, as well as on the possibilities for conveying and reimagining representations and experiences of illness and disability. It may include personal reflections on illness and disability, a discussion of the role of art in health contexts, and critical approaches to the body, care and collectives.

The panel will begin with a reflection on the collaborative process of developing ‘hologram 10.7’, a new performance by Claricia Parinussa, Paradax Period and nymity. which is available to view here.


Claricia Parinussa and/or [nussatari] is an interdisciplinary artist with a body-based practice encapsulating movement, performance, research, writing, producing and community organising. They are interested in unknowings and bodily knowings as sites of potentiality; in opacities, in existences, imaginings; in things and nothings and beings and thinkings, in doings.  Claricia has held Associateships with Project X Dance (2017) and Dance Base, Edinburgh (2017-2020).

Recent performance / Exhibitions: echo-co-location with Corin Sworn, Common Guild, Nov 2021; hologram 10.7 with nymity & Paradax Period, Oct 2021; untitled (labyrinth.9), National Trust for Scotland/Guy Veale, Sept 2021 ; sendiri at Take Me Somewhere Festival 2021, a Tramway new work commission; this silence is (also) deafening. and sometimes there are no words for that with Rowdy SS & Paradax Period, Tramway/OGR Torino, British Council UK-Italy season Sept 2020; Spirit Compass with Lucy Suggate and collaborators, touring 2019; untitled (shim.mer) for Nick Cave: UNTIL Call & Response, Tramway Oct 2019. See more about Claricia’s work here.

Laura Fisher (she/they) is a dance artist and producer based in Glasgow. Their practice is rooted in the expanded field of dance, but the form of their work is varied and multidisciplinary; spanning dance, sculpture, live art, film, club performance and design. Laura often works site specifically or responsively and has a design focussed approach to creating performance. Central to her practice are questions around space: Who occupies it? Who can access it? Who is visible? How you/we experience moving through it

Laura’s choreographic work often seeks to shift the social choreography of a space through performance. To this extent, their work can often be described as inherently participatory. She is currently researching pain informed practice, audience embodiement and non human movement/relations within expanded dance. Within her practice, Laura is committed to unlearning ableist notions of dance and de-centring the physically elitist body from the core of dance practice. See more about Laura’s work here.

Dr. Churnjeet Mahn is a Reader in English Literature at the University of Strathclyde. She is currently researching experiences of racism and homophobia in travel accounts. Her early work investigated the competing discourses of Orientalism, Hellenism and Philhellenism in Greece in the wake of its independence from the Ottoman Empire. After this, she worked on a project about histories of creativity and resistance in post-Partition Punjab. She is currently leading a British Academy grant entitled Cross-Border Queers: The Story of South Asian Migrants to the UK with Rohit Dasgupta and is an AHRC EDI Leadership Fellow.

Dr. Donna McCormack is a Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Strathclyde. For more about Donna, see our About page on this site.