Image of two people, lying on the floor against a blue and white background. The people are lying with their heads together, holding each others head with their hands. Their bodies are directed away from each other.

Naoibh McNAmee – Birmingham, England (3 photos)

‘Dwy enaid ar un daith / Two souls one journey’ (2020): Traditional portrayals of chronic illnesses focus on isolation and depression. However, for myself (Naoibh, on the left) and my girlfriend Llinos (on the right) support, love and vulnerability are an important part of the journey with Llinos’ ME. The painting below was created through a performance piece where I created a costume out of duvets and fabric to portray the heaviness of movement that Llinos experiences. The costume was used to drag photo-sensitive liquid across the paper, with the change in the liquid mirroring the changes in Llinos’ condition over time. I wanted to use the painting as the background to contrast the pain and grief of ME with the love and support we have in our lives.

“Llinos” (2020): Often with chronic illnesses, people do not see further than your disability. ME does not define Llinos. This photo really shows Llinos’ colourful personality and her identity, with only subtle hints to her ME from the walking stick in the corner.

“Sacred” (2020): There is great vulnerability and trust in allowing someone else to bathe you. As Llinos’ carer and partner, I feel honoured to help her, and these moments feel sacred to me.


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