Person with medium hair holding their head with one hand, wearing a blue and white striped top, with grey and white background.

Dareth Guthrie (4 photos)

Have had ME for 20+ years and now consider myself to be ‘high functioning’ ie not bed bound and live my life by pacing, careful planning and brutal decision making.
#1 I often wonder if I am the only BAME person with ME! 
# 2 forehead shot – this is me giving in and heading for bed at 3.30 in the afternoon. This huge bear keeps me upright on the sofa until I slump into submission
#3 ‘Boom’ me trying out fancy party boots as tomorrow I’m going out to celebrate at a socially distanced, outdoor, birthday gathering for 6
#4 ‘Bust’ dared to have a normal life and go out for a social gathering. 3 days later and still trying to get out of bed.

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