Photo of a crumped up tissue, a pair of glasses and a jar of white cream on a wooden table

Rebeca Pardo – Rincón de Soto, La Rioja, Spain (4 photos)

Photographs shared on Instagram during the confinement by COVID-19 in Spain. The State of Alarm caught me visiting the country in La Rioja (I usually live in Barcelona, where I work at a university and research about Illness visual narratives). I have several food intolerances, Psoriasis and a general allergic background, especially sensitive to pollen. I usually share pictures related with these health problems as part of my research projects and my artistic work as a photographer. My photographs are accompanied by text on Instagram.
My first problems these days were finding gluten and lactose-free food there: 2 photos related with cooking gluten-lactose free bread and cookies.
The second was skin problems (psoriasis) due to the use of gloves and masks that were mandatory outside: 1 photo fictionalized that the tissues, cream and glasses rioted asking me for a portrait because they were my “caretakers” (I have an artistic project related with the family album of a single).
Third, when we could go out, I walked into the fields till a serious allergy attack took me first to the doctor: the door photo is a symbol of that confinement but also represents the allergies that prevent me from enjoying nature.

Instagram: @rebeca_pardo_

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