Person looking through a camera looking at her reflection in the street in a window that reads Mental health is health.

Leslie Ordal – Toronto, Ontario, Canada (7 photos)

All images were taken on the grounds of or near hospitals in downtown Toronto, including psychiatric facilities. No faces are visible – as a healthcare professional myself, I recognize the privacy of these individuals even as they engage in public spaces; as a patient, I want to illustrate the “facelessness” that occurs in the medical process, as the transition from individual to diagnosis takes place. From “pleasant young woman” to “difficult patient” in the consult letter to the referring physician. This kind of transformation to a kind of invisibility occurs to a greater degree as other marginalized identities overlay the chronic illness: queerness, neurodivergence, lower SES, etc.
I work exclusively with film, a physical and tangible medium, rather than the ones and zeroes of digital. In doing so, even these “faceless” individuals leave their mark.
The collection of images includes a self-portrait.

Instagram: @frontoparietal

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