Image of an orange figure in a cardboard wheelchair, wearing an oxygen mask.

Marion Michell (3 photos)

I am housebound with #MyalgicE and P.O.T.S., mostly supine, and have shared the months of shielding from Covid19 with an imaginary four year-old called Siddhling (pronouns: they/them). It all started with a story about a hallway amble, where sea, forest, prairie, and a city with a shoe-museum, are evoked. Suddenly I found myself making outfits and ragdolls for my lockdown companion.

Meet Ji (Korean for wisdom), feminist #DisabilityJustice and #BlackLivesMatter advocate, inspired by Alice Wong, who I admire greatly. Ji belongs to Siddhling’s Marigold Squad (motto: WE RESPECT AND LEARN!). I miss having conversations about issues close to my heart (I’m often too fatigued to speak) – this way I can communicate a little. 

Watching outfits and the first members of the Marigold Squad issue from tired, frequently painful hands, has given me precious moments of peace and calm. Part of the pleasure is using old clothes and found materials – a kind of self-sufficiency in a life that depends heavily on outside support. 

The tentative return of nimble fingers has revived my artist-self. Precision and ambition have given way to playfulness though. Sweetness has elevated anxiety-ridden days, I’ve laughed more, and I’m convinced that I’ve learned something about love.

One of Ji, the figure mentioned in my text; and a second one of some of Siddhling’s things (title: L stands for learning, for love, & for lying down); and a third one of the scrubs (with advocacy pocket) I made for Siddhling. You can see this is all about processing what’s going on…

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Twitter: @marjojo2004

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