9 images of a person with short hair wearing a grey top, yellow cardigan and shorts sitting in various positions a black chair in the corner of a room. The background is one green wall and one white wall.

Fay Summerfield – Various Locations (7 photos)

As an endometriosis sufferer myself , I wanted to express the emotions that go with endo in a creative way and as a photographer, taking photos seemed a good way to go. In the pictures I wanted to capture all sides of endo – the good, the bad and the ugly. Just because we have a chronic condition doesn’t mean we’re depressed all the time! But being sad, in pain and feeling alone is also a massive part of it, so I’ve tried to capture all sides. Throughout the lockdown and as endo sufferers, we can be unreliable, if people couldn’t travel I shot them over facetime! Which opened up my portfolio to people all over the world – from Scotland to California!

Instagram: @the_endo_chronicles_

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