Call for Submissions

Image copyright: Donna McCormack
Image Description: Picture of a person’s hands wearing silver rings and in a black top that says ‘dirty’ in rainbow colours, holding and manually loading film into a Praktica camera.

ME, endometriosis, HIV, depression, transplantation…. How do we see chronic illness, particularly when it is not visible on the body? How are experiences of chronic illness affected by or formed through questions of identity, inequalities and community belonging? How does chronic illness relate to ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, race, age and justice? Photography offers creative possibilities of capturing life with illness(es), including opening up ways of re-imagining how we live with and represent illness. This project will explore these issues through a digital exhibition that will be hosted on this website. 

We invite submissions to our digital exhibition from photographers of all levels, and welcome works in progress as well as finished pieces. Submissions are not limited by style or subject. We welcome submissions from people who are or have been affected by chronic illness and who want to share their work.  

Photographs must relate in some way to chronic illness. This may not be immediately obvious, and that is fine. We are particularly interested in photographs that challenge traditional imagery of chronic illness, and that engage with queer, feminist or decolonial modes of capturing these experiences. As part of the submission process, we will ask you to provide a short description of the image (or images) and say a little about how and why you think this speaks to chronic illness [Max 200 words]

  1. All work submitted must be the copyright of the person submitting.
  2. Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your photographs.
  3. Please fill out our submission form below.
  4. Submission is a two-step process. Once you have filled out the submission form, you will receive an email that will provide instructions on how to submit your image(s).

The deadline for submissions has now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted.