Terms and Conditions

By submitting photographs to Capturing Chronic Illness, I confirm that these are photographs taken by me and that I hold ownership and copyright of these images. I understand that I will retain ownership of the copyright of all submitted images and am granting Capturing Chronic Illness license to display images as artwork on the website for the purposes of educating and/or conveying information or fair comment opinion. 

In compliance with GDPR regulations, I confirm that I am 16 years or older, or that I have the permission of my parents and/or guardian to submit this work. I understand that my email will be retained by Capturing Chronic Illness for the sole purpose of communicating about the submission and the wider project. My details will not be shared with any other organisation or commercial entity.

Capturing Chronic Illness will give appropriate credit to the owner of the photograph. This means that the name of the copyright owner will be displayed alongside the photograph on the website. I understand that I can stipulate how I want to be credited for this work during the submission process. Capturing Chronic Illness will not use these images to seek or accept sponsorship to promote a product, person, service or company. I submit images with no expectation of compensation. I am not granting the sale of reproductions of my work, and the licenses granted herein are non-transferable.

I hereby authorise Capturing Chronic Illness (Dr Donna McCormack & Dr Ingrid Young) to display the photographs I have provided in digital format in connection with the Capturing Chronic Illness project, which may include (but is not limited to) use on the project website, social media and digital promotional materials. It is my understanding that Capturing Chronic Illness will determine whether any or all of the photographs submitted will be displayed. 

If Capturing Chronic Illness wishes to make additional uses of the photographs not covered within these terms, Capturing Chronic Illness will obtain written permission from the photographer. Photographers retain full copyright over their original work and are in no way releasing ownership of their original work. By submitting your work, you agree to the above-stated terms of use.